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I am a licensed Naturopathic Physician practicing in Vancouver BC. My love for the human body brought me to blend a strong interest in medicine with my passion for skin health. In my 15+ years experience as an esthetician I was presented with many challenges & I was frustrated that I could only come up with short term fixes for my clients' skin issues. These challenges fueled me to learn more about the intricacies of our human body and guided me to look for an inside-out approach for skin health.

My mission is to educate & spread awareness about how important your skin is in offering clues on your overall Health & Vitality!

Remember, life is a journey and you are in control. I am dedicated helping you achieve vibrant health, glowing skin and the confidence that comes with them.

To your Healthy Skin,

Dr. Alina V, ND


How I'm different from your


A dermatologist looks at your skin through the lens of identifying and treating the symptoms (rash, itchy skin, acne, eczema) & fills out a prescription for a topical or oral medication. While this approach might work in the short-term, it definitely doesn't address the root cause of your issues. 

I see you as a balance of all physical, mental & spiritual aspects of your being. You are more than just your skin issue at the surface! As a Naturopathic Physician, my approach takes into consideration your whole person and your unique genetic makeup.  By optimizing your overall health, you can see long lasting & dramatic changes in your skin.  

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How I'm different from other skin-focused practitioners

There are no short cuts when you want healthy skin! There is no magic product to apply that will give you radiant skin instantly. The good news is - it is POSSIBLE!  It takes TIME & effort to make small changes every day, but the long term results are worth it. 

Did you know that all of the following are underlying factors of how healthy or unhealthy your skin looks? - how well your organs function, hormonal balance, blood sugar balance, toxins overload and poor elimination, digestive issues, imbalanced gut & skin microbiome, your stress level, your sleep patterns, your nutritional deficiencies and your diet & how much you exercise on a daily basis. 

Yes, ALL these reflect out on your skin, and as overwhelming as it may appear, I am here to simplify things for you!

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Dr. Alina V., ND

"It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul - I say your skin is the mirror of your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health".



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